In Line Aging Oven
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구분 (Descriptions)

사양 (Specification)

외부 조건 Equipment outside conditions

TEMP 18~23℃ / Humide 55%RH±5%RH 

/Clean: With in 100,000 Class

경화 제품 Cured samples

Magazine(PCB 34Set)


Inside Zone Size

In Size(WxDxH)

5,328x 1,000x 1,820(mm)

Temp Range


110℃ ±5℃

Outside (℃/RH%)

21℃ / 55RH%


Tacket Temp. Time

Rising Time

(From RT to 110℃)

With in 30min

Cooling Time

(From 110 to  RT)

Natural cooling

적용 시스템

System Type

기류방식 Air Flow System

Side discharge and side return

가열방식 Heating System

전기 히타  Electric LI-CR Coil Heater

냉각방식 Cooling System

Air Cooling Type

제어방식 Control System

디지털 타입 PID Digtal Type 

/PLC Control Type

수량  Q’ty


주전원 Main Power

3ph 380V 60Hz